Exhibition Sponsorship Privileges

The Sponsorship Feature for the Exhibition is supposed to be of special Features for real estate sector, financing companies and banks in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries as well.it is the interest of real estate and financing personalities, in addition to its marketing position among the public who are interested in real estate market , housing projects and financing programs .

** Sponsors will gain organizing & media privileges as mentioned below :
  • Free stand area in a preffered location in accordance with Sponsorship level .
  • Sponsor name & logo shall be displayed on all Exhibition media means.
  • Honor trophy will be granted in the opening ceremony.
  • Sponsors names will be presented at the expanded news coverage and press reports in Saudi & Gulf media means.
  • Specifying invitation cards for Sponsors and parties to attend the official opening ceremony.
  • Sponsor name & logo will be displayed at Exhibition & Forum website.
  • Seats allocation priority for exhibition accompanying activities.
  • Contracts signing platform service for signing contracts and consortiums during the exhibition activities followed by media coverage and documentation.